Concerned group receive ‘legal highs’ awareness training

Members of concerned community groups in the Limavady borough received awareness training about legal highs at the weekend, giving them a clear insight about what to be on the alert for.

Limavady District Policing Partnership held the training on Friday, which was delivered by Rebecca Roberts from Synergie Consulting NI with input provided by Limavady PSNI.

“The training, in an informal setting, provided an opportunity to ask questions from the trainer, the Police and DPP members,” said DPP manager, Linda McKee.

“The training covered what is legal and what is not, what the main drugs being used in Northern Ireland are (including the mephedrone family; NRG-1 and the pyrovalerone family; MDAI; Ivory Wave; Salvia etc.), what these drugs look like and how they are taken, signs and symptoms of use, effects of use, basic harm reduction around use and getting help and sign posting to agencies.”

Maureen Hudson, Restore Community Group said: “The training was very up to date and relevant. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to avail of this course to make sure they do not miss it. It will give you a clear insight into the problems these drugs are posing in our communities, the great risks our young people are being exposed to from ‘legal drugs’ and how to signpost those in need of help.”

Ms McKee encouraged those present to be alert to the signs and symptoms of legal high use in their community and also to work with the Police to cut off the supply of drugs into the community.