Cops to tackle quad and scrambler misuse

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Police say they will clamp down on illegal motorbikes after a spike in complaints about quads and scramblers in Derry.

The PSNI say they have seen an increase in reports from concerned members of the public about young people riding vehicles such as scramblers and quads recklessly in the Branch Road, Buncrana Road, Galliagh and Shantallow areas, creating a risk to pedestrians, causing noise pollution and upsetting pets.

Neighbourhood Constable Michael Gahan outlines the implications of driving one of these vehicles illegally: “As quads and some scramblers, do not comply with Construction and Use regulations and Vehicle Safety Standards they are restricted to “off-road” use only. This means that these vehicles should only be used on private land where you have permission of the landowner.

“If your vehicle is designed for use on a road, it should have lights and number plates and the driver/rider should hold a suitable driving licence and insurance.

“I would remind parents that these are not toys and if they allow their child to drive a vehicle not designed for the road and which is not insured for road use, on a public road or in a public space, this represents a breach of the Road Traffic Order and can carry a maximum penalty on conviction of a £1,000 fine.

“Police also have the power to seize these vehicles. It is important young people recognise that this is a real possibility and has happened before. Police will enforce the necessary legislation in an effort to ensure public safety.”

If anyone witnesses this type of activity in the area or has any information they are asked to contact their local Neighbourhood Officer police on 0845 600 8000.