COPS warning on ‘UKCASH’ scam

Police in Limavady are asking retailers to be careful of unusual requests to use the ‘UKASH’ payments system.

UKASH enables people to shop online when they do not have a bank account, or do not want to use their accounts for an internet transaction.

Customers visit a UKASH trader and buy a voucher, which they can then use to shop online, or even send money to friends or relatives overseas.

However, police are aware of what appears to have been attempts by criminals to defraud local traders.

Police are advising that retailers should deal only with people who call at their premises and they should never agree to email vouchers or voucher codes.

Do not send UKASH codes to anyone calling you and claiming to be able to reclaim bank charges or release money owed to you. You may be asked to send a fee in the form of a UKASH voucher code by email, or over the telephone. This is a fraud and you will lose your money.

Only spend UKASH online and at genuine merchants listed on the company’s website and never provide any voucher details to a third-party by any method as it should be treated just like cash. The company provides a range of security tips and advice on its website,