Council Wardens under attack in Rosemount

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Derry City Council’s Community Safety Wardens (CSW) came under attack in Rosemount on Friday evening after they responded to residents’ requests for assistance.

And yesterday a number of young people were spotted drinking alcohol, littering and causing a nuisance in the Brooke Park area.

On Friday Baldrick Crescent residents contacted the CSW regarding a “large crowd of youths” who had gathered and, according to eyewitnesses, soon became involved in anti-social behaviour.

A spokesperson for the Community Safety Partnership confirmed that their vehicle was hit by an object but not damaged on Friday evening.

They explained: “The challenges that arose on Friday evening are symptomatic of anti-social behaviour and are one of a range of issues which Derry City Council’s Community Safety Wardens will continue to address. The Community Warden Scheme is in place to support residents and communities to reduce the level of anti-social behaviour and the risk of crime locally.”

Police and residents of Rosemount have appealed to parents for help in tackling anti-social behaviour which re-visited the area at the weekend.

Rosemount community worker, Hugh Murray of the Rosemount Resource Centre said: “The residents I spoke to complained that Brooke Park was closed from the bottom gates first which meant that those teenagers in the park were emptied into the residential area instead of away from it.”

Residents have also called on the area around Baldrick Crescent, Meadowview Crescent and Osbourne Street to be ‘gated.’

Police report that a crowd of 40 youths were dispersed from the Baldrick Crescent area on Friday night, while between 60 and 80 youths were observed in the area on Saturday night.

In both instances police confirmed; “The crowd was dispersed and a quantity of alcohol seized. No arrests were made.”

The spokseperson for the PSNI continued: “We are asking parents to be aware of where their kids are gathering, as many come from other neighbourhoods and are causing distress to local residents.

“Police in Derry work tirelessly to tackle the problem and impact of anti-social behaviour.

“We continue to exploit all opportunities to address these problems however to do this we require the help and support of the community.

“Anyone witnessing incidents of anti-social behaviour should report it to police immediately and provide statements to allow all possible action to be taken. We are also willing to meet anyone who has any concerns and suggestions on how we can tackle this issue,” added the spokesperson.

A meeting of concerned residents has been scheduled for Rosemount Resource Centre this evening from 7pm.