Councillor points to evidence of ‘major drug use’ near Creggan Country Park

Some of the paraphernalia discovered by Councillor Shauna Cusack recently.
Some of the paraphernalia discovered by Councillor Shauna Cusack recently.

A Derry councillor has expressed concerns over what she’s described as ‘major drug use’ near Creggan Country Park.

SDLP Councillor Shauna Cusack said she was “appalled” to discover over fifteen discarded drinks bottles fashioned into drug paraphernalia for drug use during a recent walk in the area.

She said: “On returning from a walk in Creggan Country Park I guided my dog down the bank running between the Country Park and Glenowen to avoid the pathway which was covered in glass from broken beer bottles. The once beautiful walkway was a disgrace, with burned out rubbish, cans and other bulky household waste. I considered the banking, which was also strewn in rubbish to be the safer option however I was appalled to discover.

“This is a very worrying discovery, the area is known to attract young people and underage drinkers but what I have found has taken this anti social behaviour to another, more sinister level. The sheer quantities of the drugs apparatus found in the area would suggest drug taking on a large scale not just a few individuals. The fact that it is right next to a natural beauty spot which facilitates young school children and community groups is particularly worrying.”

Colr. Cusack added: “The safety of our young people is paramount and they can too easily get caught up in this dangerous activity through peer pressure or curiosity. I would therefore urge community and youth workers, the wardens and police responsible for this area to come together as a matter of urgency. Needless to say, parents should be vigilant about where their children are, who they are with and what they are doing.”

According to Creggan Country Park, the lane mentioned by Councillor Cusack belongs to Derry City Council.