Councillor warns over tax scam email

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Scamsters are targeting people in Derry with a Revenue and Customs phishing scam, a local councillor has warned.

SDLP councillor Angela Dobbins says the scam is “very convincing”

She says she has contacted Revenue and Customs to alert them to the attempted fraud.

“This phishing scam quotes from the Revenue and Customs website and informs the email recipient that a refund is due them and seeks personal details and bank accounts so that payments can be made.

“In some cases the amount that is alleged due to be refunded is a small amount that may be believable, however, it seems that if enough people fall for the scam then the perpetrators can make a lot of money.”

Ms Dobbins says people should be extremely vigilant .

“I urge everybody to be extremely vigilant when approached via email by anybody pertaining to be a governmental department and seeking your personal details or personal bank account details and urge anybody with any concerns to contact myself or the relevant body that is being misrepresented,” she says.