‘Crazy driving in Diamond’

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A dangerous driver could “easily have killed someone” as he sped through Derry city centre, an eyewitness has said.

Police are investigating the incident which was witnessed at the Diamond area shortly after 9pm last Wednesday.

An eye witness told the ‘Journal’ that the green and white coloured van sped down Bishop Street and around The Diamond roundabout, veering out of control and striking a lamppost outside the Richmond Centre. It then reversed before speeding off down Shipquay Street.

Less than ten minutes later, the same eyewitness reported that the same green and white coloured van travelled at high speed up Butcher Street and through the roundabout once again, “this time narrowly missing the same lamppost before hitting the kerb” and heading along Ferryquay Street.

“The van just missed a taxi by inches - the driver was very badly shaken,” she said. “It’s a miracle that no-one was killed. It was like something you’d see on the TV. It was crazy driving.”

A police spokesperson confirmed that the incident is under investigation. “Police enquiries are ongoing and we would appeal to anyone with any information about the incident to contact us at Strand Road on 0845 600 8000.”