Creeper burglary as child slept

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A victim of a creeper burglary has told how intruders entered his home as his two year-old child slept.

The man who did not want to be named spoke after his Derry home was targeted by creeper burglars for the second time this year.

Three homes were targeted in creeper burglaries at Ard Grange, Grangemore and Ivy Terrace in the early hours of Friday morning. “I heard a noise and I thought my daughter had fallen out of the bed, but when I went in to check she was lying sleeping,” the man said.

“I came downstairs and the backdoor was open and when I turned on the light all the drawers in the kitchen had been pulled out.”

“There was over £150 sitting there so we were lucky enough. It is scary to think that someone would come to your house when you are asleep. Having a two-year-old child here makes it worse, knowing that someone was downstairs ransacking your house.

“This is the second time this has happened in three or four months. The last time they got away with cash, a few hundred pounds. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same people as before, there were car keys taken the first time and the spare car keys taken this time. It has left my mother with no keys for her car so that is another expense we could have done without.”

Police are urging the public to secure their homes, especially in the run-up to Christmas.