Crime spree condemned

Independent Councillor Dee Quigley. DER2214MC073
Independent Councillor Dee Quigley. DER2214MC073

A spate of vandalism and anti-social behaviour across the Galliagh estate over recent days has been condemned.

Independent Councillor for the area Dee Quigley said fresh fears had been emerging over people’s safety.

“There have been numerous episodes over the past few weeks and I am urging people to be vigilant,” Colr. Quigley said, adding:

“There have been attacks of vandalism, people burning parks, thefts and break-ins.

“In one episode a young woman from Glenabbey had forgot to lock her back door and when she came back in there was food thrown all over the place.”

Colr. Quigley’s comments come after a fire at a play park on Heather Road, which caused damage to equipment.

Residents of Elaghmore and Cashelhill Park on Sunday last raised the alarm and the fire brigade and police were tasked to the scene.

This came a few days after perimeter fencing from the Rainbow Playgroup nursery in the estate was also stolen- just days after the premises was fully re-opened following major extension works.

Colr. Quigley said those behind these attacks need to desist from what they are doing and think about the consequences of their actions.

He added that nobody wants this type of activity in their area and said all it was doing is robbing people of much needed facilities.