Criminal does jail and keeps cash hidden

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Editorial image.

A man who admitted handling over 13,000 Euro which was stolen in Co. Donegal has been jailed for two years.

Glen Michael Smith, whose address was given on court papers as c/o Maghaberry prison, pleaded guilty to handling property stolen in the Republic of Ireland, possessing criminal property and concealing criminal property.

The offences were committed on May 30, last year.

Derry Crown Court heard the 40-year-old was on bail and police arrived at his home to check he was complying with conditions.

He appeared to be nervous and during a search they found 960 Euro in cash.

The 40-year-old initially told police the money was the proceeds of gambling and then claimed it belonged to his son.

Police subsequently received information from Gardai there had been a burglary in a bar in Donegal Town in which a large amount of money was taken. He denied involvement with the burglary.

Smith initially told police where the money was hidden. However when a search proved unsuccessful the 40-year-old told officers he had no intention of giving up the money. He would do his time and the money would be there when he got out.

It was revealed Smith has 112 previous convictions, including 35 for burglary.

Judge Philip Babington imposed a two year sentence, one year of which will be spent in custody and the remainder on licence.