‘Crowbar and sword’ - court told

Two Derry men were refused bail when they appeared at the city’s Magistrate’s Court on Friday charged with falsely imprisoning another man and assaulting him on November 5/6.

Conor Lishman (26) of Castle Street and Lee Flanagan (32) of Eden Terrace were both charged with assaulting the man and falsely imprisoning him. Lishman faced a further charge of possessing a crowbar.

The court was told that police received a report from the Strand Foyer that a resident was claiming to have been assaulted.

The injured party was found to have bleeding from facial and head injuries.

He told police he had been drinking and met Flanagan. They had gone back to a flat where Lishman and some others were.

The man claimed he was asked by Lishman which brother was he and then he was punched on the face and kicked.

He claimed Lishman then hit him with a crowbar and grabbed a Samurai sword and tried to hit him with that.

The police officer said that the man would claim that Flanagan talked of having to kill him as he would go to the police.

After Lishman left the flat the man lay on the floor for a while before making his escape and contacting police.

The court was told that at interview Flanagan claimed he had ‘blacked out’ and did not know what happened.

The police officer said he had 48 previous convictions, two of them for interference with witnesses.

Defence solicitor Mr. Don Mahoney said his client had given police a full account of the incident from his perspective.

He said that Flanagan was ‘adamant’ he had played no part in the incident.

District Judge Barney McElholm said that there was a severe risk of interference with witnesses and refused bail. Flanagan will appear again by videolink on November 28. Lishman will appear on Monday November 11 for a possible bail application.