Custodial sentence for theft


An 18-year-old Derry man has been given four months in custody after he pleaded guilty to stealing a water tank from a house causing £1,200 worth of damage which the owners were unable to claim on their insurance.

Paul Morrison, whose address was given as Bellach Mor Lower in Derry was already in custody, following a breach of bail conditions, when he appeared at Derry Magistrate’s Court. Morrison had remained in custody voluntarily.

The court heard that it was a way to “avoid going further down the wrong path with drugs and alcohol”.

Sentencing Morrison District Judge Barney McElholm said that the incident was a serious one since it had involved a private dwelling.

“You stole a water tank and caused substantial damage. The owner was refused compensation, no doubt because of some loophole the insurance company was able to scuttle through,” he said.