‘Danger to women’ bit partner on nipple

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A man who was described in court as a ‘danger to women’ and who bit his then partner on the nipple was given a suspended sentence at Derry Magistrate’s Court today.

Raymond Kanhai (48) of 38a Hawkin Street in Derry was charged with assaulting the woman on March 19.

The court was told police were called to an address in Galliagh on that date and the injured party told them that she and her partner had been arguing all weekend.

She said at one stage she had texted him telling him to leave and that she had left his clothes outside.

However, Kanhai returned and let himself in and got into bed beside her.

At 6.07 that morning they had started arguing again and the injured party told police Kanhai had pushed her, clenched his fists at her, spat at her and then bit her on the nipple.

The court was told the injured party was shaking and scared.

When Kanhai was interviewed he denied the assault and said they had not been arguing.

Defence solicitor Mr. Paddy MacDermott said the defendant had been living here since the end of last year.

He said he had spent a period in custody and had ‘a very unfortunate history’.

The solicitor said the relationship was over.

District Judge Barney McElholm said that Kanhai was a danger to women with a history of abuse towards them.

He sentenced him to five months in custody suspended for three years, and ordered him to pay £500 in compensation.

A restraining order was also imposed for a period of five years.