‘Danger to women’ jailed for assaulting girlfriend

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A judge has said that women should ‘think twice’ before embarking on a relationship with a man who is ‘clearly a danger.’

Nathan McDaid, whose address was given in court as Meenavanaghan, Quigley’s Point, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm; common assault and causing damage to an electronic tag.

The 20-year-old admitted further charges of breaching a non-molestation order on several occasions between July 1, last year and January 21, 2015.

The charges relate to a number of domestic incidents.

Jailing McDaid for 10 months, District Judge Barney McElholm said it is ‘remarkable how abusers have so much in common. It is almost as if they were all cloned from one original abuser.’

Derry Magistrate’s Court heard that in July last year McDaid assaulted his girlfriend. They were walking home together in the early hours of the morning when the 20-year-old became angry.

He called the woman a ‘s***’ and grabbed her around the throat.

He then threw a tin of coke at her, covering her clothes and legs with the contents.

McDaid grabbed her arms and threw her to the ground, before dragging her towards her home.

Once inside, the 20-year-old continued to assault her grabbing her by the neck and arms , to pin her down and tell her he would kill her.

He also put a pillow over her face and once again threatened to kill her.

A knock on the door brought the assault to an end and the woman shouted for help.

The court heard the victim sustained a broken knee cap as a result of the assault and was in a cast for a number of weeks. She also had a number of scrapes and bumps to her head.

During police interview, McDaid admitted pushing the woman in the street but claimed they only had a verbal argument in the flat.

The injured party was granted a non-molestation order by the court days after the assault, however,McDaid breached the order on a number of occasions by phoning her, sending her messages over social media and going to her house.

Defence Counsel Nicki Rountree told the court her client accepts it is a ‘disgraceful set of facts’ and ‘no one is more shocked and ashamed of this behaviour than the defendant himself.’

She added McDaid has ‘absolutely no idea how he will ever make it up to the injured party for what he did to her and her family.’

The barrister said alcohol was a ‘major factor’ in the assault and the 20-year-old did not intend to cause the injuries sustained by the victim.

Ms. Rountree also told the court McDaid believes the relationship was full of drama ‘from the very beginning’ and he had now ‘come to the realisation they are two people that simply shouldn’t be together’.

District Judge McElholm said this belief points to McDaid continuing to blame the victim for what happened.

The judge read from a Victim Impact Report which shows the 20-year-old was ‘controlling and abusive’ throughout the relationship.

In this report the victim discloses things got so bad she attempted to taker her own life.

The victim claimed McDaid was prone to violent outbursts and was violent towards her while she was pregnant.

She also said the 20-year-old was controlling and jealous and demanded money from her to buy drink and drugs.

Judge McElholm said ‘there is only one person to blame for the way this relationship developed and that is the defendant’.

‘He is an abusive, violent and controlling individual and any woman out there should think long and hard before forming a relationship with this man. He is quite clearly a danger to women with no respect or care for anyone other than himself’.

McDaid was jailed for a total of 10 months. He will also be subject to a restraining order for 10 years.

This bans the 20-year-old from harassing, molesting, intimidating, or threatening the injured party and from entering the Galliagh area.