Dangerous fireworks tied to lost dog

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A local volunteer group who help reunite lost pets with their owners has revealed that a dog found close to the quay on Saturday had fireworks tied to her by a group of youths.

Sean Morrin of Lost and Found Pets, Derry said the group had been on the look out for 10 month old Meg - a staffy - who had gone missing from her foster home at the weekend when they received a call from someone to say a dog matching her description had been found by a group of young boys.

Sean explained: “The boys, who were just 12, found the dog with fireworks tied to her.

“They actually got into a fight with the boys who had done this to Meg before making off with her down the quay towards Sainsbury’s where they alerted a security man to what had happened.”

Meg was rehomed for the night before being returned into the care of Lost and Found Pets Derry. Sean said the incident was “very sinister”.

“The fireworks hadn’t been lit, but you can only imagine that was what was going to happen. I’d appeal to all pet owners to be extra vigilant especially now in this silly season when young people are running about with fireworks.

“In this case, Meg was lucky, but the next pet may not be.”

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