Derry Court: Man ‘fashioned weapon to make it look like something from a zombie game’

The inquest took place at Ballymena Courthouse
The inquest took place at Ballymena Courthouse

A man who fashioned a weapon to look like something out of a zombie game has been ordered to spend 12 months on probation.

Seamus Patrick McCallion, of Drumcliff Avenue, pleaded guilty to common assault, possessing a banger firework and possessing cannabis.

The charges relate to an incident on September 9, last year.

Derry Magistrates Court heard that the 25-year-old phoned police to report that he had threatened a man and a woman with a blade and was ‘unsure if he had injured anyone’.

Police attended the scene and spoke to the couple.

They reported that McCallion came out of his house with a circular saw and pointed it towards the woman’s neck.

Her friend grabbed the weapon, but McCallion managed to get it back off him.

He then jabbed it at the man’s arm and held it there tightly.

With his other arm, the 25-year-old grabbed the woman by the neck and then ‘stormed off shouting abuse’.

Police seized the weapon and also discovered a number of banger fireworks in McCallion’s property.

During police interview, McCallion said he had ‘just lost it’.

He claimed he made the weapon ‘because I saw it in a video game I used to play’.

The court heard this was a zombie game called ‘Dead Island’.

He also told officers he had the banger fireworks for a number of years but did not intend to use them.

Defence counsel Steven Mooney told the court his client had suffered a bereavement and was using cannabis to ‘self-medicate’.

He added the incident ‘spiralled from there’.

Imposing a probation order District Judge Barney McElholm also fined McCallion £100.