Derry Court: Ordered to pay £2,000 compensation for theft from pregnant ex-girlfriend


A man stole his pregnant ex-girlfriend’s belongings and sold them, a court has heard.

Derry Magistrates Court heard that items worth thousands of pounds were stolen by 33-year-old John Joseph Coyle, including jewellery with ‘significant sentimental value’.

Coyle, of Leenan Gardens, pleaded guilty to one charge of theft between September 30 and November 7, last year.

Among the items stolen were a Samsung tablet, a kindle, a Wii remote and games, a camera, a DS and the jewellery.

The jewellery alone had an approximate value of £1,000.

During police interview, Coyle admitted stealing the items and trading them in at three different stores.

Defence counsel Paul Kearney told the court the offending was ‘distasteful’ but his client ‘does not have a propensity for dishonesty’.

He said it was a breach of trust case but urged the court to treat it as a one off.

The injured party was in court for the hearing and told District Judge Barney McElholm what Coyle had done was ‘disgusting’.

She said the 33-year-old has ‘destroyed my trust in men’ and that she had been bringing up their child on her own.

Suspending a six month sentence for two years, District Judge McElholm said ‘this was a despicable and nasty crime and there is no justification or excuse for this sort of behaviour’.

He also ordered Coyle to pay £2,000 compensation to the injured party