Derry man had Samurai sword so sharp, it could cut through a melon


A Derry man who was allegedly caught in Rosskeen Park holding a Samurai sword, so sharp, it could cut through a melon, has been remanded in custody.

The local magistrates court was told that on Monday of this week police were called to Rosskeen Park after a social worker had reported that a man had turned up at the house of the injured party with the sword and had threats made against her.

The man with the sword was identified to be Jordan Maguire (19), of Farland Way.

Police called to Maguire’s house and he was arrested on suspicion of possessing the weapon and making a threat to kill.

Police completed an article 34 search on the house in Farland Way and the court was told that during the search they found the sword, measuring three and a half foot, in a cupboard under the stairs.

The sword belonged to another resident of the house who had used it in his long career in martial arts.

The court was told that the alleged injured party had been having an ongoing dispute with her daughter, who is the defendant’s girlfriend, about money.

Following a verbal disagreement earlier in the day Maguire had gone to the house and was seen with the sword in one hand and sheath in the other.

Maguire was alleged to have been calling two ladies at the house “s***” and saying he would “half them in two.”

The man who owned the sword told police he had been keeping it in the cupboard under the stairs.

He told police it was real and was “sharp enough to cut through a melon.”

The man added that the sword was a “lethal weapon.”

During his second interview Maguire told police he had lost the plot and admitted to having the sword in public, however he said he didn’t unsheathe it at any time.

Police opposed bail on the grounds that the address proposed was too close to the address of the injured party

Maguire was remanded in custody until August 13.