Derry pair in court charged with damaging the city’s walls


Two men have appeared in court accused of causing significant damage to the city walls.

Gary Donnelly, (43), of Iniscairn Road, and 55-year-old Terence Porter, of Carnhill, are charged with criminal damage on February 1.

It is alleged the men were part of a group of eight painting ‘end internment now IRP’ on the city walls.

Police opposed bail.

Defence solicitor Paddy MacDermott said the charge would be contested by both men.

He added that it was a political matter and the audience for the graffitti ‘would be those attending the demonstration yesterday’.

The solicitor said the damage involved is not the worst seen by the court and painting on public walls is a ‘long tradition in this country’.

District Judge Barney McElholm said anyone convicted of this type of damage to historic structures should be made subject to specialist community service. Rather than bringing in specialist contractors they should be made to scrub it off with a toothbrush’.

He added that internment ended a long time ago.

The judge released the defendants on his own bail of £1,000, ordered to abide by a curfew and banned from having any contact with each other.

Donnelly and Porter will appear in court again on March 6.