Derry play examines RUC changeover

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The human story behind the transition of the RUC to the PSNI is to be explored in a new play in Derry.

Written by local playwright Jonathan Burgess, the play forms part of the `Crows on the Wire` project’, running during November at the Verbal Arts centre.

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The playwright said he felt it was an important story to tell.

“The motivation behind the creation of the script was to tell the story of the ordinary men and women who served the RUC and were present at the time of its disbandment – how they felt, their reaction to it and the impact upon their personal lives,” he said.

“The play has been researched with ordinary rank and file officers from that time and the play is an attempt to represent the human emotions behind the events.”

Verbal Group Chief Executive James Kerr said the project reflects the central value of the Verbal Arts Centre.

“Crows on the Wire is a hugely important piece of theatre,” he said.

“From the perspective of peace- building and community relations, the work seeks to provide an authentic voice to add to the on-going work towards a peaceful and normalised society within Northern Ireland. “

“This play is based on the real life experiences, real life feelings of officers at the time of the changeover.

“Crows on the Wire - aims to engage with individuals and groups from both main traditions affected by the themes of the play, creating opportunities to both listen and to recount experiences through a programme of community engagement.”

`Crows on the Wire` is funded by the EU’s Peace III programme.

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