Derry shoplifter who stole Pokemon cards, alcohol and other items from Tesco, Poundland, Sainsburys, Superdrug and Home Bargains jailed

A man who a judge said had 'no intention of stopping offending' has been jailed at Derry Magistrate's Court for a spate of thefts from various shops in the area.

Bernard Cooke (30) of Cornshell Fields in Derry admitted a series of charges relating to thefts from August 2021 until November 2022.

At Friday’s sitting of Derry Magistrate’s Court, the court heard that on August 20, 2021 police were called to a report of a theft of goods valued at between £10 to £15 from Poundland and the defendant was identified.

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On June 13 last year, the defendant was stopped outside Tesco in Quayside and three packs of Pokemon cards were found on him.

Derry Court House. DER2126GS - 075

The court was told that Cooke became aggressive towards police when they stopped him.

The defendant told police that he intended to pay for the Pokemon cards, but was 'tackled' by police before he could.

The court then heard about an incident at Home Bargains on October 18 when Cooke entered the store with another person and stole items valued at £20 before driving away.

On October 14 security staff at Sainsbury's alerted police they had detained a shoplifter, Cooke. The court was told he had taken £269 worth of alcohol and left the premises without paying.

Cooke made full admissions at the time and told police he had intended to pay for the alcohol but then made 'a stupid decision' to leave without paying.

Finally the court was told of the theft of razor blades valued at £239 from Superdrug in Ferryquay Street.

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It was said Cooke had entered the shop and was recognised as someone who had stolen from there previously.

He placed the blades in a bag and left the store without setting off the alarm leading police to believe the bag was foil lined.

Defence counsel Stephen Chapman said his client was receiving help for drink and drug addiction.

District Judge Barney McElholm said that various things had been tried to stop Cooke offending and he had gone out and re-offended within 6 months.

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He sentenced Cooke to 8 months in prison.