Derry tops domestic violence tables

Derry has topped the poll for incidents of domestic violence recorded across the North with more than 2000 incidents being reported in the last year.

Of 2282 reports of incidents, 866 offences were recorded. According to local charity Foyle Women’s Aid the figures are not necessarily as bleak as they sound - and show that women are becoming increasingly empowered.

Eleanor McGuckin of Foyle Women’s Aid said that while it was undeniable the local figures were high, the organisation was “not put off” by this.

“We would see this as a very positive thing - that there has been an increased response to women reporting incidents and an increased confidence in women who feel they are able to come forward,” she said.

Ms McGuckin said the higher number of reports showed how her organisation, the PSNI, health care providers and statutory bodies were working closely together to tackle the issue of domestic abuse and violence.

“In our experience these figures show a greater awarenes of the issue of domestic violence and show that more people feel able to come forward knowing that they will be listened to and they will be believed.”

In 2010-2011, the electoral ward of Culmore had the highest number of domestic violence offences recorded in the city with 65 offences recorded.