Derry woman victim of kidnapping, stabbing and robbery in South Africa

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A Derry woman who was stabbed, robbed and kept in the boot of her car for ten hours in South Africa was only kept alive because her kidnappers wanted to extort more money from her, her brother-in-law has said.

Fifty nine-year-old Dorothy Carlyle was hijacked as she drove her car on Cadogan Drive, Durban North, on Tuesday afternoon, stabbed ten times and locked in the boot of her car.

She was stabbed with a screwdriver during her ordeal and was only rescued following a shoot-out between police and her captors.

Mrs Carlyle is originally from Derry but has been living in South Africa for more than 30 years.

Her brother-in-law, former Derry City player and current Institute FC assistant manager, Paul Carlyle, said the family are shocked by what has happened.

Mr Carlyle said Dorothy was stabbed with a screwdriver every time she tried to speak and that the only thing that kept her alive was the fact her kidnappers were waiting until 12 midnight to extort more money from her as her ATM limit had been reached on Tuesday.

“It’s something she’ll never get over,” said Mr Carlyle whose late brother was married to Mrs Carlyle but passed away in 2006. “She’s heavily sedated. Every time she spoke they stabbed her with a screwdriver.”

After a shoot-out with the hijackers, police freed Mrs Carlyle and arrested two women and a man. They are looking for two other men.

Police spokesman Captain Thulani Zwane, said the missing suspects were aged between 15 and 22.

Mr Carlyle said the kidnappers took 2k Rand out of his sister-in-law’s bank account before taking her to KwaMashu and partying with it.

“They took the money from the ATM and partied with it. What kept her alive was they had to wait to 12 to get more money,” he said. “After that they wouldn’t have had any more use for her,” he said.

Her daughter Brooke thanked the police who found her mother. “My sister and I were here at the house at the time. We did hear a scream but thought nothing of it at the time, we just went shopping for Mum’s birthday present after we thought she left for her work.

“At around 17:00 we tried to phone her but her phone was off, so we got in touch with the police and private security investigators and started to try and track where she was. Then they just narrowed the area down to the last signal of her phone. There were helicopters in the air and units on the ground going door to door and they found her in the boot of the car.”