Disorderly man said it was ‘a moment of madness’

Limavady Courthouse
Limavady Courthouse

A Limavady man who was disorderly and resisted police told a court this week it was “a moment of madness”.

Steven John Ferguson, aged 26 and from Castle Park, Limavady, appeared at the town’s Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday for the offences of committed on November 1.

Also appearing for the offences of disorderly behaviour, resisting police and assault on police was Craig Ferguson, aged 23, from Charles Close, Limavady. The charges also relate to November 1.

The court heard police were outside a night spot on Main Street, Limavady at 1.30am when both men had been ejected and were remonstrating with door staff. When police tried to help, the pair became verbally abusive.

They were warned about their behaviour by police but Craig Ferguson screamed at police and then jumped on an officer’s back. The court heard they had shouted “You f***ing C****” and “You yellow coat wearing useless c****”.

Both men were subsequently arrested and taken to Strabane custody suite.

Both men represented themselves in court and, when asked by District Judge Liam McNally, if they had anything to say, both apologised.

Craig Ferguson said it had been a drunken moment of stupidity, whch had never happened before and would never happen again.

Steven Ferguson said it was “a moment of madness” and it “won’t happen again”.

District Judge McNally said the behaviour was appalling.

Craig Ferguson was fined £200 and ordered to pay £100 compensation to the officer for the assault. He was also bound over to the keep the peace for two years in the sum of £500,

Steven Ferguson was fined £100 for resisting police, and bound over for two years in the sum of £500.

Men fined for indecent behaviour

Two men who urinated close to a Derry city centre creche facility have been fined £400.

William Martin McDonnell, (57), of Balbane Pass, and 44-year-old Phillip McDonnell, of Great James Street, pleaded guilty to indecent behaviour on August 27.

The local magistrates court heard that police were called to Custom House Street shortly after 3pm because the defendants were drinking and urinating in public view outside the Women’s Centre.

It was reported that Philip McDonnell urinated and exposed his genitals in full view of the centre’s crèche facility, while William McDonnell turned his back while urinating against a wall.

The court heard the street was very busy at the time and there were a number of children being cared for in the crèche.

Defence solicitor Paddy MacDermott told the court his clients’ behaviour was ‘not nice at all’ for the people in the Women’s Centre and crèche to


He added William McDonnell is a known street drinker and Phillip had gone off drink for a while but relapsed on this occasion.

Mr MacDermott said the McDonnells are embarrassed by their behaviour and wished to apologise.

Fining the men £400, District Judge Barney McElholm said ‘this was quite disgraceful behaviour in a busy area, in the middle of the afternoon, particularly because it was outside a crèche’.

Woman warned to be ‘very careful’

A Limavady woman has been warned she needs to be “very careful” after eight penalty points were endorsed on her licence.

Suzanne Plunkett, aged 43, from Rathbeg Crescent in the town was detected driving without insurance on September 15.

The court heard at 6.20pm police saw Plunkett in Rathbeg Crescent. She was stopped and asked to produce her driving documents. She said she was the owner of the vehicle and admitted she had no insurance.

Defence for Plunkett, Peter Jack said her son had been stranded in Coleraine and she had gone to pick him up. He said Plunkett was on the cusp of losing her licence as she already had three penalty points and the minimum for the offence was six penalty points.

District Judge Liam McNally told Plunkett “you knew quite well when you took the vehicle out you weren’t insured”.

Judge McNally noted Plunkett was now insured and said he would not disqualify her on this occasion.

Plunkett was fined £250, and received eight penalty points. She must also pay an offenders’ levy of £15.

“You now have 11 penalty points,” said Judge McBally, warning Plunkett “you need to be very careful”.

‘Should not have been behind wheel’

A 26-year-old Dungiven woman caught driving with excess alcohol in breath “should not have been behind the wheel”, a court has heard.

Christina Mullan with an address at Bonnaboigh appeared at Limavady Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday for the offence detected on October 15.

The court heard at 12.15am police saw a car at the traffic lights at the junction of Connell Street. The lights were green, but the driver remained stationary. Police subsequently stopped Mullan and she failed a preliminary test. However, a subsequent test revealed a reading of 98 in breath, the court heard.

Defence for Mullan, Peter Jack said he had explained to Mullan it was a high reading. He said she had not intended to drive home that night, but somehow she had got it in her head she was going to drive home.

“She should not have been behind the wheel,” said

Mr Jack.

District Judge Liam MCNally said it was “a high


Mullan was disqualified for 15 months, fined £250 and ordered to pay an offenders’ levy of £15.