Doctor convicted of assaulting police officers


A trainee anaesthetist has been convicted of assaulting two police officers.

Eireann Kerr, of Marlborough Park South, Belfast, was convicted of four public order offences which occurred after a Christmas night out in 2013.

They include disorderly behaviour, assaulting and resisting police.

Kerr had been on a staff night out with other doctors and consultants from Altnagelvin Hospital.

She admitted consuming alcohol but said she had no memory after a certain point in the night.

The doctor wept as she said the next thing she remembered was waking up in a police cell covered in bruises, without any of her belongings.

It was accepted by the court that the 32-year-old’s drink had been spiked with the date rape drug GHB.

Convicting Kerr, District Judge Peter King said he took no pleasure in the verdict, but involuntary intoxication is not a defence in the law.

He added that ‘any sanction that falls against you will be much more heavily felt outside this court’.

Defence barrister Eoghan Devlin urged the court to impose an absolute discharge as his client was ‘morally blameless’ and of good character.

He said she was the victim of a date rape drug and her career may be ‘encumbered’ or ‘end through the actions of a third party’ who spiked her drink.

Judge King imposed a conditional discharge for two months.

He also granted leave to appeal.