Gone but never forgotten...Buster's ashes.
Gone but never forgotten...Buster's ashes.

The devastated owner of a 
Limavady dog that was hanged two months ago has praised 
local police for their help and support and revealed the PSNI had paid for her beloved 
pet’s cremation.

Buster, the Jack Russell, was found hanging from a metal pole in the back yard of his Drumachose Park home on October 26.

Family pet, Buster.

Family pet, Buster.

The town’s top cop revealed this week 
police recently questioned two males in connection with the hanging, but no charges have been made.

Buster’s owner, 
Julie Campbell says she and her three children 
remain heartbroken after the 
“sickening” act which PSNI Area Commander Sam Donaldson said was one of the most high-profile in Limavady this year. It sparked outrage around the world, prompting a campaign with a Facebook page, ‘Justice for Buster’, and a 
a £200 reward for information leading to an arrest, which stands until the New Year, after which the money will go to a local animal welfare charity. “The kids are still totally 
devastated by Buster’s killing,” Julie said yesterday. “We got Buster home two weeks ago to bury. His ashes were placed in a lovely box and his name was inscribed on the top. Time is definitely healing, slightly, but it’s still very raw.”

Mr Donaldson made a fresh appeal for information on the crime.

“We still haven’t charged anyone with what’s happened to Buster,” he told the ‘Journal’. “We are still waiting on more information coming through, but I can confirm that two males from the area 
were interviewed in relation to that as a result of some information we got through.”

“You know some people from the 
outside might look in and think ‘it’s only a dog’, but the reality is, that was a family pet and that had a big impact on those kids,” he said.

“In terms of 
animal cruelty, locally, it’s certainly one of the worst 
cases I have seen, but listen, a 
couple of people have been brought in and interviewed and they 
denied any involvement, however, I 
have no doubt there are people 
in Limavady who know who 
did that to Buster.”

Mr. Donaldson added: “Can I appeal to the public, wouldn’t it be a really nice story coming up to Christmas if we were able to catch the people who did this to Buster? If you know who did that, what a great present that would be for those kids who need to know what happened to poor Buster? Please give us a call and put that one to bed for 

Echoing the appeal, Julie said: “We really need justice for Buster. and to make sure this never happens again. Whoever did it needs punished because I would not want another family to go through what we have.”

Julie thanked family, friends and strangers, and paid tribute to those who have helped her, including Limavady deputy mayor, DUP Colr. Alan 
Robinson; the PSNI, who she 
revealed paid for Buster’s cremation costs and, in particular, 
officer Pamela Gregory “for taking special care of 
Buster and getting him back home to us”. Julie also thanked Limavady woman Pauline Bond for 
creating the ‘Justice for Buster’ reward fund and Kelly McColgan, who set up the Facebook page.