Dropped his trousers after refused entry to concert

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A man who dropped his trousers and exposed himself after he was refused entry to a concert has been fined £100.

Sean Hegarty, of Spruce Meadows, pleaded guilty to indecent behaviour on August 15.

Derry Magistrates Court heard the 23-year-old was refused entry to the concert because he matched the description of someone who was carrying a concealed knife.

Police conducted a search of the defendant and he grabbed hold of his trousers and underwear, pulling them to his ankles.

Hegarty also began roaring at the top of his voice.

The court was told there were a lot of people in the area at the time, including juveniles and their parents, and Hegarty’s genitals ewre completely exposed.

Defence solicitor Derwin Harvey said his client has many a ‘very concerted effort’ to stay out of trouble. He added that the 23-year-old is ‘disappointed he had brought embarrassment to him and his family’.