Drove with toddler as passenger

Police are asking for help finding a motorbike rider who was seen driving dangerously with a toddler as a passenger.

A PSNI spokeswoman says the man was driving a quad in the Galliagh area of the city. She says neither he nor his young passenger were wearing helmets.

“The rider was an adult male, with shaved or bald head, wearing a black fleece with neon green lettering on the back.

“The rider was carrying a small child/ toddler on the front of the quad. Neither the rider nor the child was wearing a helmet,” she says.

The spokeswoman says they want to locate the white, faded red (faded to almost pink) and yellow quad that he was riding on the green area between Brookdale Park and Glencaw Park. She says they also want to find two small black scramblers ridden by older children on the Galliagh Linear Park around Ederowen and Leafair Park.

“Rider one was wearing a dark jacket, grey and white coloured helmet with a peak above the visor, navy tracksuit bottoms with light blue stripes and white and red trainers. Rider two was wearing dark clothing, a padded jacket and a red and white coloured helmet,” the spokeswoman says.

Anybody with information can ring 07585 979446.