Drug accused refused bail and remanded in custody

Derry's Courthouse on Bishop Street. 3003JM66
Derry's Courthouse on Bishop Street. 3003JM66

Police believe a 42-year-old man accused of drugs offences has been involved in the supply of drugs for a ‘number of years’, a court has heard.

An investigating officer made the claim as Patrick Michael James Healy applied for bail at the local Magistrate’s Court.

Healy, of Racecourse Park, is charged with possessing diazepam with intent to supply, being concerned in the supply of diazepam and simple possession of the class C drug.

He is further charged with making a false declaration to obtain a certificate of insurance on January 13 last.

The court heard allegations that police went to search Healy’s home and saw him sitting in his car.

Officers searched the 42-year-old and allegedly found over £700 in cash in his wallet.

They also searched his car and allegedly discovered 1,300 diazepam tablets and two mobile phones.

The court heard allegations that a further 2,300 tablets and more phones were found in Healy’s home.

It was claimed Healy told police ‘it took you six years to catch me and will take another six years to get me again’ after his arrest.

The court heard the phones had been examined and contained messages police said were linked to drug supply.

Some of these messages allegedly said, ‘sweet’s in’.

Opposing bail, an investigating officer said police feared Healy would commit further offences to recoup his losses.

The officer said police believed the 42-year-old ‘has been involved in the supply of drugs for a number of years but has never been detected’.

The court also heard allegations that Healy’s co-accused handed him 12 diazepam tablets during a prison visit and this was the subject to a separate police investigation.

Defence solicitor, Paddy MacDermott, said police fears could be addressed with bail conditions. He told the court conditions could include a ban on possessing or using a mobile phone.

District Judge Peter King refused bail for fear of further offences.

He said what caused him ‘huge concern’ was the amount of tablets involved and the allegations of further offences whilst in custody.

The judge said ‘it doesn’t fill me full of confidence you are someone who can avoid re-offending on bail, if you can’t avoid re-offending whilst incarcerated’.

Healy was remanded in custody and will appear in court again via videolink on June 4.