Drug dealer to ‘give something back’

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A drug dealer whose house was targeted by paramilitaries has been ordered to complete 240 hours community service.

Robert McAuley, whose address was given as Lower Nassau Street, pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis with intent to supply on January 13, 2012.

Derry Crown Court heard police searched the 28-year-old’s home in Ballymagroarty under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

McAuley was present in the house and initially gave the officers a false name.

However, he then admitted his true identity and showed them to his room in the attic of the house.

The court was told 59 small bags of cannabis were found in the room, with deal bags, scales and £865 in cash which McAuley claimed was his holiday money.

Defence counsel Ivor McAteer told the court his client was dealing to ‘fund his own habit’.

He added that shots were fired at the 28-year-old’s home and this caused him a lot of trauma and stress.

The barrister revealed McAuley developed Alopecia as a result and resigned from his job.

Imposing the community service order, Judge Philip Babington said ‘drug dealers in this city normally go straight to prison’.

However, he said was ‘very disturbed by the delay in this case’ and ‘on balance I feel that this defendant should give something back to the community’.

The judge ordered the destruction of the drugs and for the £865 to be donated to Foyle Search and Rescue.