Drug dealers slammed in Foreglen

Foreglen residents have vowed to rally together, saying publicly they will not tolerate drug dealing in their area, writes Sheena Jackson.

Residents voiced their concerns about alleged drug activities in the close knit village on Wednesday when they packed the Community Centre for a drugs awareness meeting. Residents claim the village has never had any problems with drug dealers until recently. They stressed Foreglen is not rife with drugs, but want to stop the issue from “mushrooming”.

“If people were buying drugs you always heard they had to go to Limavady, now they can get it here in the Foreglen,” said one man. “It seems to be very low level compared to other areas, but we don’t want any drugs here at all.”

Sinn Fein councillors, Tony McCaul and Sean McGlinchey aim to set up a community group involving elected representatives to “confront the problem”.

Limavady Rural Neighbourhood Sergeant Stevie Vogel said: “Don’t assume we are aware of particular issues in the area or that we have all the information. If there is a drugs issue in the area then come and talk to us. It is important that the community engage with police around these issues.” Limavady Rural NPT can be contacted on 07500 786978.