Dump found in Chapel Road

A photo of illegal dumping near the Lower Chapel Road area.
A photo of illegal dumping near the Lower Chapel Road area.

Local SDLP Derry City Councillor, Martin Reilly, has condemned those responsible for dumping rubbish illegally near Lower Chapel Road in the Waterside.

Colr. Reilly contacted the ‘Journal’ directly to convey his anger over the illegal dump when it was brought to his attention within the last few days.

“This type of lazy dumping frustrates the many residents who dispose of their rubbish in a responsible way,” said Colr. Reilly.

“The SDLP has previously informed all residents in Lower Chapel Road of the dangers of this type of illegal dumping as it attracts rodents and blights an area.”

Colr. Reilly went on to say that despite work on the ground to counteract illegal dumping some residents are opting to ignore the messages.

“We also provided information on Derry City Council’s bulky goods collection service but obviously some residents are persisting to ignore this advice. The only way to counteract and reduce the level of illegal dumping in the area is for Derry City Council enforcement officers to issue those responsible for the dumping with fines, a move Colr. Reilly supports and is keen to see exercised, where possible.

“I hope that enforcement officers in Derry City Council will be able to find those responsible and issue them with fines to deter them from such nuisance behaviour,” he added.