Durkan donates £500 of sports equipment to lead theft school

Mark Durkan, Foyle MP
Mark Durkan, Foyle MP

Mark Durkan has donated £500 of sports equipment he won during a sports challenge for MPs to a Derry school targeted by metal thieves.

Derry’s SDLP MP last month won the BUPA ‘Get Moving’ challenge in London (organised for MPs to raise awareness of the benefits of taking regular exercise) but has now promised the £500 of vouchers for sports equipment to Eamon Devlin, the principal of Longtower primary school.

Lead thieves removed a substantial amount of lead from the school during a theft last week.

“I hope this donation helps to ease the pressure on Long Tower PS whose school budget has been badly affected by this theft,” Mr Durkan says.

“After speaking to Eamon he explained to me that Longtower was in the process of trying to improve the rate of physical activity at the school – in particular as we move into the summer months.

“I therefore hope that these vouchers come at an opportune time.”