Eight violent/sexual incidents in Derry per day

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Shocking new crime figures just released show that there were 86 violent and sexual crimes in Derry city centre every month last year.

The online figures for the first 11 months of 2015, also reveal that in Derry as a whole, a total of 2,686 violent and sexual crimes were reported between January and November, that’s an average of 244 per month - around eight every day!

In addition to Derry city centre, the other four areas in the city under the spotlight in the crime report are, Derry Foyle City North; Foyle City West; Waterside Urban and Waterside Rural.

Together, there was a total of 10,513 crimes reported across the five areas for the 11 months, an average of 955 a month.

Anti-social behaviour made up a huge proportion of the reported crimes.

In the three cityside neighbourhoods - Foyle City Centre, Foyle City North and Foyle City West - there were 2,563 incidents of anti-social behaviour from January to November, while in the two Waterside areas, there was almost half that amount combined, with 1,199 incidents reported.

The figures are taken from an online ‘crime map,’ allowing anyone to see, roughly, where crime regularly occurs, as the PSNI record crimes in each area across Northern Ireland.

Not surprisingly, the Waterside Rural area had the lowest number of crimes reported, while the Foyle City Centre area topped the local areas.

In the city centre, there were almost 300 crimes every month, with 1,039 incidents of anti-social behaviour; 950 of violence and sexual offences, as well as 362 reports of criminal damage and arson.

In comparison, the other two cityside areas combined had 1,325 incidents of anti-social behaviour, 902 violent and sexual crimes and 718 reports of criminal damage and arson.

Meanwhile violent and sexual offences are being reported to the PSNI in Limavady at a rate in excess of one per day.

The crime statistics for Limavady show there were 591 reports made to police of violent or sexual crimes in the Limavady urban and Limavady rural policing areas between January and November last year.

That represents nearly two violent and sexual offences recorded by the PSNI in Limavady for every day of the year. The crime figures show an increase of violent and sexual offences reported to police in Limavady in comparison with the previous year.