Elderly siblings’ car destroyed in arson attack

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An arson attack that destroyed the car of an elderly brother and sister in Strabane has been condemned.

Strabane Sinn Fein Councillor Jay McCauley says the Saturday morning attack was “despicable.”

The car was burned at around 6am in the Townsend Street area of the town on Saturday.

“I visited and spoke with the victims of this attack and they were deeply upset at what has happened,” Colr McCauley says.

“They are two quiet and inoffensive people and cannot understand why anyone would target them in this way. This arson attack is totally inexplicable.

“As a result of this attack they have now been robbed of their means of transport and have now been left to bear the costs of replacing the vehicle and possible increase in insurance costs.”

Colr McCauley says the attack had disgusted people locally.

“Neighbours and people in the wider area are completely disgusted that this has happened and whoever is behind this needs to carefully examine their conscious about what they have done.”