Enjoy, be respectful of others, never drink and drive

PSNI Inspector Clive Spence is encouraging Limavady Jazz and Blue Festival goers to have a good time this week but not to drink and drive.

“Limavady PSNI are once again pleased to be associated with the Limavady Jazz and Blues Festival 2010,” he said.

“The event has, in recent years, seen huge crowds flock to the various venues over the entire period and this can only be good for Limavady and the Borough as a whole. More importantly from a police perspective, we are pleased to report that it would seem the vast majority of those visiting the area for the festival have historically taken heed of our advice, which is to enjoy the festival, but to do so within the law.

“By ensuring that your behaviour does not draw you to our attention, everyone can have an enjoyable weekend. And of course, never, ever, drink and drive”.

Linda McKee, District Policing Partnership Manager said: “The Partnership is delighted to partner with the police and the festival committee for this event. The DPP wants everyone to enjoy the many artists on offer, to be respectful of others in the venue and to drink responsibly. The DPP will also take the opportunity at the Jazz picnic family fun day to undertake a survey to identify local policing issues”.