Family angry at third police raid on home

A Derry family have expressed anger following a PSNI raid on their home yesterday.

A 19-year-old was arrested during the PSNI operation at an address in the Rathlin Drive area of Creggan on Thursday morning and was yesterday evening still in custody.

The family - who did not want to be named- said that this was the third time in the past year they have had their home searched by police.

A number of PSNI Land Rovers were present at the scene yesterday, and clothing including several coats were taken away by officers.

The young man’s father, speaking at the scene, said: “It’s a bit over the top, so many of them landing.

“They said the search warrant was for clothing, iron bars, weapons with nails or offensive weapons.”

He claimed that his son and other young ones were being repeatedly stopped and searched by police, and said he believed it was because of the family’s Republican background and because of some the friends his son had.

His wife added that she was angry and fed up with the situation, claiming drug dealers and other criminals in Derry were not subjected to half the same scrutiny.

She added that she told police all the coats they were taking belonged to her husband, but they were still removed.

The family claimed that previous raids were “worse” and that on those occasions the PSNI took electrical goods such as a Playstation, phone, and a tablet. The family said they want the raids to stop. “It’s annoying. It is happening regularly for no reason,” the father claimed.

A PSNI spokesman confirmed yesterday that detectives from Reactive and Organised Crime Branch had arrested a 19-year-old man as part of an investigation into serious crime in the area.

Detective Inspector Lindsay Kitson said: “The 19-year-old man has been taken to the Serious Crime Suite at Antrim Police Station where he is assisting police with their enquiries.”