Father and son stole lorry because of non-payment

A father and son who stole a lorry after they weren’t paid for mechanical work have received suspended sentences.

Roy Hamilton, (58), and his son 30-year-old Jason Hamilton, both of Kildoag Road, Killaloo, pleaded guilty to theft of the Leyland Daf lorry on February 26.

Derry Magistrates Court heard the lorry was stolen from Peak Environmental in Campsie.

Roy Hamilton told police he had stolen it because he was not paid for £3,000 of mechanical work he had carried out.

Jason Hamilton handed the keys to the lorry over to police, however would not tell them where it was parked.

Defence counsel said the Hamiltons had taken the law into their own hands but ‘now realise that was unacceptable’.

He said they did this because they were ‘totally frustrated’.

Suspending two month jail terms for two years, Deputy District Judge Austin Kennedy said frustration did not excuse their behaviour.