Fined £150 on disorderly charge

A man who was disorderly and lashed out at police in the city centre has been fined £150.

Noel David Quigley, of Glenowen Park, pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour on April 15.

Derry Magistrates Court heard police were called after the 36-year-old was ejected from a bar.

His friends were fighting with him to keep him away from the bar.

Police attempted to reason with the 36-year-old but he continued to lash out at officers and told them to ‘f*** off’ a number of times.

The police were told Quigley would have epileptic fits and an ambulance was called.

Quigley continued with his outburst and told police ‘you are useless. I could do your job better’.

The 36-year-old refused to got to hospital and police told him he would be reported to the Public Prosecution Service for his behaviour.

As officers drove away, Quigley gave them the fingers.

Defence solicitor Paddy MacDermott told the court that on this occasion his client had too much to drink and has ‘no recollection’ of the incident.

He added that Quigley wanted to apologise to the police, his friends and the court.

District Judge Barney McElholm fined the 36-year-old £150.