‘Fireworks are lethal weapons’

A Limavady councillor whose letterbox was “blown to pieces” by fireworks at the weekend has warned someone will be seriously injured if children continue to play with what he described as “lethal weapons”.

DUP Alderman, MLA George Robinson, said the incident happened on Saturday around 5.30pm and residents on the Roe Mill Road were subjected to an onslaught of banger type fireworks being pushed into their letterboxes or thrown at their homes. He said: “Some residents had coats in close proximity to where these fireworks exploded; therefore the risk of a fire and tragedy was greatly heightened. This behaviour cannot be tolerated as it terrified people and their pets in their home.”

He said parents must keep a check on their children.

“I do not want to be asking parents how a maimed child is, or attending funerals. I understand some of the children seen running away were of primary school age hence my appeal to parents.”

Sinn Fein councillor, and Limavady Mayor, Sean McGlinchey said the people selling firworks to children are reckless.

“This is very dangerous and people need to realise the horrible consequences of shoving fireworks through letterboxes. It could result in serious injury or, the house going up in flames, especially if it is vacant,” said Mayor McGlinchey.

SDLP Colr. Gerry Mullan said children don’t realise the full consequences of their actions and blamed “unscrupulous dealers” selling fireworks to youths.

“They don’t care,” he said, adding: “It can be a frightening experience for the occupants of the house, never mind the cost of the internal damage.”