Foam parties question ‘unusual’

A recent meeting of the Limavady District Policing Partnership attracted an “unusual” question about foam parties being held locally and what police could do to stop people who participate from getting hypothermia when they leave.

The question referred to local advertising at a venue for “flavoured foam parties”, a “hot tub” and a “lap dancing pole”.

The question then asked: “What are the police doing to make sure that if there is an emergency, people will be able to get out safely, do not suffer hypothermia when they leave, stay within the terms of their licences and only serve those old enough to be able to drink?”

Police told DPP members they had spoken with venue management. Police said there were policies, regarding legal age limit, in place that meant if there was no ID there was no entry. They said they also checked all exits which were open and unblocked. Police also revealed they were planning joint inspections with other statutory agencies in the near future.

Limavady DPP member, SDLP councillor Michael Coyle said it was an “unusual” question.

“A lot of the responsibility doesn’t lie with the police, but with the owner of the club and those responsible for running the party,” he said. “I really think people’s expectations are too high.”