Funding for new Limavady fire station ‘unlikely in near future’

The scene at Limavady Fire Station in Limavady during a fire there recently Photo: Jim O'Brien (2508sj10)
The scene at Limavady Fire Station in Limavady during a fire there recently Photo: Jim O'Brien (2508sj10)

Funding for a new fire station in Limavady is unlikely to made be available anytime soon, according to the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS).

Last week’s fire at the fire station at Catherine Street remains under investigation and the PSNI is helping with that.

A local councillor said the fire highlighted the need for an improved facility.

“What struck me about the incident last week was that although fire can happen anytime, anywhere, it brought home to me that the fire service in Limavady was possibly not connected to an outside monitoring company who would have alerted another emergency service,” he said.

“Rather they were alerted, it appears, by an off-duty fire officer. Perhaps this is an opportunity to improve procedures and policies for their own safety.”

A spokesperson for the NIFRS said: “In relation to a new Fire Station for Limavady, following a review and assessment of all NIFRS capital priorities, we can confirm that it is unlikely that capital funding will be made available in the near future for a new Fire Station in Limavady, as pressures and reductions in capital funding for NIFRS and the wider public sector show little signs of easing in the short term.

“It does, however, remain on our list of Fire Stations across Northern Ireland which have been identified as being in need of replacement in the future.

“Just like all other public bodies, we are in a period of capital rationing and have had to prioritise our capital projects within our budget allocation based on three key criteria – the need to improve operational response, Health & Safety issues and ‘invest to save’ considerations. Our high priority capital projects going forward will be building new Fire Stations in Omagh and Dunmurrry.”