Girl’s ‘narrow escape’ after banger shoved through letterbox

A Limavady dad says his daughter had a “narrow escape” when a banger was shoved through his letterbox.

The man was speaking after the incident at his home in Drumachose Park in the town.

Local DUP councillor, James McCorkell, visited the home and said the explosion from the banger was strong enough to damage the front of the letter box, and blow the back completely off, with it landing at the other end of the hallway of the property.

Councillor McCorkell said someone could have been seriously injured if they had gone to the front door when the explosion happened and warned of the danger of the use of home-made bangers and other fireworks, currently being used by young people in the town.

“Someone will be seriously injured or killed if they continue to use these pointless items,” he said. “In the space of half an hour I heard at least six loud bangs in the vicinity of the estate.”

Pointing out that Drumachose Park is an estate where young people live alongside the elderly, he appealed to everyone to be considerate to the residents and particularly the elderly, who in some cases live alone and who could become fearful with the noises created by bangers and fireworks.

Family pets too can be adversely affected by the noise level of these items, which Councillor McCorkell pointed out are illegal. Inevitably someone is going to get seriously hurt, and it could even be the person setting the match to the banger, so Councillor McCorkell’s message is to stop now, before it’s too late.

PSNI District Commander Chief Superintendent Stephan Martin is appealing for parents, youth and community leaders to assist in making this year’s Halloween festivities safe and fun.

“The weeks prior to and after Halloween are becoming an increasingly busy time of the year for Police,” he said. “We continually receive reports of criminal damage, anti-social behaviour and the misuse of fireworks within the Limavady area. We want to make it clear that anyone caught breaking the law will be dealt with robustly. I would ask parents to make sure they know the whereabouts of their children and to make sure that they are not engaging in any criminal activity or criminal damage to property.”