Grandfather fights for his life in hospital

A 52 year-old grandfather continues to fight for life in intensive care in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, after an incident at his home in Bracken Park in Galliagh last Friday night.

Marty McGranaghan discovered his badly injured father, also Marty, in his bed on Saturday morning. He believes his father was the victim of a serious assault in his own home.

“This was assault,” he categorically told the ‘Journal.’

“If my daddy threw himself down the stairs 100 times there is no way he could injure himself this badly. He is bleeding from different parts of the brain and has several different impact marks.”

Doctors have informed the McGranaghan family that their father has suffered permanent brain damage and has been left blind due to his injuries.

“At the minute we are just hoping that Daddy resumes consciousness. We are hoping he will pull through,” said Marty.

He told of the scene at his father’s home on Saturday.

“I went in the back door and immediately saw there was blood everywhere, in the living room, the kitchen, the stairs. Whoever did this is an animal. Daddy couldn’t do this himself. While he was a private person he was also friendly and the neighbours told us that he was playing guitar at 4am and other voices were heard in the house with him at that stage. If they didn’t do anything why not come forward?”

A father-of six, Mr McGranaghan celebrated his 52 birthday last Wednesday,.His son said: “He had spent his 51st birthday at our mother’s wake - it was her first anniversary on September 16. Daddy just can’t seem to get a break.

“The worst part is we more than likely know the person who did this. Someone out there knows what happened in the house. Saying nothing is just as bad. Please someone tell us something.”

Police said they are in close contact with the family. Anyone with information is asked to contact Strand Road PSNI.