Gunmen’s accomplices may not have known victim was to be murdered

Andrew Allen, who was murdered at his home in Lisfannon three years ago.
Andrew Allen, who was murdered at his home in Lisfannon three years ago.

Accomplices in the murder of Derry father of two, Andrew Allen may not have known the gunmen were intent on killing him, according to Gardai.

The claim was made as detectives launched a fresh appeal for information on the murder carried out in Buncrana on February 9, 2012.

Detective Inspector Pat O’Donnell said: “Investigation into Andrew’s murder has progressed steadily with three arrests to date. There were up to a dozen people involved in planning and carrying out this vicious crime. Gardai continue to work closely with our colleagues in the Police Service of Northern Ireland. I am appealing to those involved in the planning for this murder to contact An Garda Siochana with whatever information they may have.”

He added: “Those who were involved in the murder in any way no matter how small are just as guilty as those he pulled the trigger, however, those on the fringes may not have realised that Andrew was going to be killed and may only have believed this was a punishment shooting.

“Everyone involved will forever have Andrew’s blood on their hands and the death of this young father on their conscience.

“Furthermore, anyone not involved in the murder but have knowledge of what occurred be they friends , relations or partners of those involved and have not already come forward are urged come forward now with any information they have which may assist the investigation.”