H-Block monument attacked for third time

A monument in Derry’s Bogside honouring the 1981 Hunger Strikers has been attacked for the third time in the last year.

Sinn Fein MLA and former hunger striker Raymond McCartney says he is “saddened at the latest attack” which took place on Tuesday night.

Mr McCartney condemned those responsible but said their actions should not be used as “an excuse by anyone to go out and do something similar.”

“I am saddened at the latest attack on the Hunger Strike monument on Rossville Street, the third such attack on the monument in the past few months,” he says.

“Once again I would appeal for people in Derry to respect murals and monuments of all political beliefs and cultures.

“Such incidents like this have no place in our city and should not be used as an excuse by anyone to go out and do something similar or heighten tensions in any community.”

“We also had the theft in June of nine portraits of the Hunger Strikers from a wall in Bishop Street.

“Whoever was involved in that incident it certainly took them a bit of time to get the portraits of the wall.”

The Derry MLA says the latest attack on the monument should not undermine the success of the 30 year anniversary events.

“We have just finished a very successful programme of events to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the 1980-81 Hunger Strike period and these attacks should not be allowed to undermine that great work and the support those events got from the people of Derry and further afield,” he says.