Hit pregnant woman in bowling alley car park row

The incident occurred at the Bowling Alley
The incident occurred at the Bowling Alley
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A woman has been convicted of assaulting a pregnant woman in a row over a parking space at the Bowling Alley.

Patricia Moran, of Ramore Gardens, was convicted of common assault after a contest at Derry Magistrates Court.

The injured party told the court she went to the Bowling Alley at around lunchtime on March 18 with her two-year-old son. She said the car park was very busy but she saw a car pulling out of a parking space, so she pulled in behind to wait for the space. However, as she pulled into the vacated space another car attempted to reverse into it.

She told the court she sounded her horn and the other car drove off.

The injured party said as she walked across the car park with her son a woman started shouting at her.

“She was waiting for me at the entrance and I had my two-year-old son in my arms. She confronted me and said I need to take my driving test again”.

The court heard that both women continued to walk into the Bowling Alley and she told Moran to ‘catch herself on it was only a parking space’.

She said that the 60-year-old then became “very aggressive and went right up into her face”. The injured party admitted telling Moran to ‘f*** off’ before she was hit on the face.

The woman told the court that since the assault she has been “very nervous” in case she sees Moran and was in shock after the incident.

Under cross-examination, the injured party denied she was telling lies, stating “I wouldn’t make something like this up. I wouldn’t take it this far”.

An eye-witness to the assault also gave evidence to the court. She said she was coming into the Bowling Alley when she saw the two women and heard “words exchanged between them”.

She told the court the younger of the two appeared scared and she then saw Moran, “lift her elbow and hit it off the younger girl’s chin”.

The witness told the court that she did not know either of the women at the time of the incident.

Giving evidence on her own behalf, Moran claimed the injured party began “roaring” at her after she told her she need to take driving lessons.

“The reply was f*** off. I don’t want anything to bloody do with you. It’s only an old car park”.

The 60-year-old claimed the injured party continued to roar and swear at her, before saying she was phoning the police.

Moran denied hitting the woman, stating “I didn’t strike her. I didn’t lift my hand to her”.

Under cross-examination, Moran denied she had waited for the injured party or that she was keeping an eye on her. However, she accepted she saw the injured party coming out of the car that had pulled into the parking space.

She further denied that the injured party appeared scared of her, telling the court “she had no reason to be scared of me”. Moran added she was “polite” when she made the comment about driving lessons.

Deputy District Judge Sean O’Hare convicted Moran and she was bound over in the sum of £100 for 12 months.