‘I got addicted to drugs in prison’

A man who “worked himself into a rage” when he was remanded in custody at a court hearing late last year claimed going to prison caused him to become addicted to Class A Drugs.

Joseph McMullan, 24, whose address was given as c/o HMP Maghaberry, appeared in court yesterday via videolink in relation to the incident in Derry courthouse on December 20 last.

The court heard that McMullan was told his bail was being revoked and became extremely agitated in the dock - struggling violently with prison officers and police officers as they tried to take him to the cells.

He shouted from the dock that prison had got him addicted to drugs, and told the presiding judge, “I will get you”.

Yesterday McMullan apologised to the court for his actions.

District Judge Laura Ivers described his behaviour as “absolutely despicable” before sentencing him to two months in jail.