Illegal firework sellers ‘as bad as drug dealers’

Sean Collins (2810PG22)
Sean Collins (2810PG22)

Residents of the Bogside have said those selling illegal fireworks are “as bad as drug dealers.”

Community leaders and the PSNI have called for an end to the use of illegal fireworks following complaints about the use of bangers and fireworks by young people.

Triax Community Safety Chairperson Sean Collins said: “We have been inundated with complaints about fireworks and are pleased that co-ordinated efforts will now be taking place to provide residents with the peace they are entitled to. In the last few weeks fireworks have been thrown at residents, at their homes, at pets and at passing motorists and it is only a matter of time before they cause serious injury. This is obviously on top of the enormous nuisance they are causing to local residents by being let off morning, noon and late into the night.

“I am calling on those who are selling them to stop now. They are dangerous, they are causing enormous misery and they are illegal.”

One elderly resident of the Bogside said: “I think the people who are selling these fireworks are as bad as drug dealers. They don’t care about the problems they are causing. They just care about the money they’re making. It needs to stop now before someone gets badly hurt or some wee dog gets killed.”

PSNI Neighbourhood Inspector Trevor McKeown said: “The community have made it clear that they do not want antisocial behaviour in their areas and I would ask any person who is involved in this type of activity to stop and think about the effect your actions are having on your neighbours and the more vulnerable in your community.