‘Inveterate offender’ jailed for perfume theft


An ‘inveterate offender’ in the Republic of Ireland who admitted stealing from a local department store has been jailed for seven months.

Richard John Green, of Lower Nassau Street, pleaded guilty to theft and possessing diazepam on March 26.

Derry Magistrates Court heard the 38-year-old was seen by security staff in Debenhams placing bottles of fragrance into his bag.

He left the store, but was detained a short distance away.

Green stole five bottles of fragrance, worth £283, however all of them were recovered and fit for resale.

As Green arrived at the police station, officers saw him attempt to take a blue pill.

He was searched and a further diazepam tablet was found.

The 38-year-old admitted he was not prescribed these drugs.

Defence counsel Daniel Mullan said his client had ‘spent the greater part of his life free of crime’.

However, he told the court Green has addiction difficulties and these have ‘taken their toll’.

The barrister said the theft was ‘opportunistic attempt’ to get money to feed his habit.

He added that the 38-year-old apologised immediately for his behaviour.

Jailing Green, District Judge Barney McElholm said he is an ‘inveterate offender’ in the Republic of Ireland with a lengthy record from the age of 15.

He said he could not ignore this record, despite the fact that the record on this side of the border is limited.

The judge sad he believed the theft was ‘highly organised and pre-meditated’ and jailed Green for a total of seven months.